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December 27, 2023

Step-By-Step Guide: Winning Free Bitcoin Everyday with Klink


What are Klink tickets?

Users get a daily recurring ticket for every $25 in token value held in their account. Each of these tickets gives a chance to win prizes ranging from a couple of cents up to $100.000 through a prize draw held daily.

Once a draw is completed new tickets are auto-populated to each user, akin to how much they hold in deposit within their account.

What is the difference in the numbers?

There are 7 numbers on each Ticket. The first 6, blue, numbers are drawn from a pool between 1-60 and the order of the drawn numbers does not matter for your Tickets to win prizes. The final number, which is red and also called Klink Number is drawn from a pool between 1 to 25. It is the most valuable to match. Fingers crossed!

Step-by-step guide to how you can win Bitcoin with Klink's ticket system

  • The Daily Crypto Raffle: Klink orchestrates a daily lottery, giving users a shot at winning every 24 hours.
  • Acquiring Tickets: Engage with Klink's platform to earn lottery tickets. This could involve holding a certain amount of crypto in your account or completing platform-specific activities.

Understanding the Prize Structure

  • Jackpot Glory: Secure all 7 numbers on your ticket to win the jackpot, potentially netting you 2.42972 BTC.
  • Significant Wins: If your ticket shows 5 numbers plus the special Klink number, you're in for a considerable prize of 0.01564 BTC.
  • Rewarding Matches: Even matching 4, 3, 2, or 1 number with the Klink number can fetch you smaller yet worthy Bitcoin rewards.
  • The Klink Edge: The 'Klink' number is unique to the platform and serves as a wild card. Match it on your ticket for an added chance to win.
  • The 'No-Loss' Lottery: Unlike traditional lotteries, Klink’s 'no-loss' feature ensures that your initial deposit is safe, so participating in the draw is all upside.
  • Regular Chances to Win: As the draws happen daily, your earned tickets continually give you a stake in the game, amplifying the excitement and your potential to win.
  • Claiming Your Winnings: In the fortunate event of a win, your Bitcoin prize is swiftly transferred to your Klink wallet, ready for you to hold, spend, or further invest.

What happens to my tickets If I deposit after the draw has started?

If you deposit before 3pm CET, your tickets will directly participate in the next draw. Tickets you get from depositing after 3pm will participate in all draws starting from the next day.

Klink's daily lottery is an innovative venture that offers the dual benefits of fun and potential financial reward. It's an attractive proposition for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of crypto or expand their digital asset portfolio. With Klink, every day brings a new chance to win in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

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