Gamified Crypto Asset Management Platform Klink Finance Gets Backing From Blockchain Founders Fund

July 18, 2023

Klink Finance, a crypto asset management platform that will operate at the intersection of gamified consumer finance and blockchain technology has received backing from leading Singapore-regulated VC, Blockchain Founders Fund (BBF). 

The platform provides alternative mechanisms to reward distribution across user populations and plans to build in features of social sharing to digital asset ownership in a way that is safe, and exciting whilst avoiding downside risk. The initial product was inspired by a UK Government bond scheme known as Premium Prize Bonds that has over 21M participants & $130B held in AUM across the UK alone.

Currently, the platform has mapped a product development phasing that puts innovation front and center when it comes to user engagement approaches toward holding and growing wealth through crypto assets.

Chris Murphy, Founder of Klink Finance said, “When it comes to retail asset management services the team has a different way of approaching how user interaction should participate when it comes to holding digital assets. We are on a mission to enable a new way in which financial rewards should be distributed amongst friends and communities.”

Tobias Bauer, Principal of Blockchain Founders Fund said, “We are proud to be supporting Klink in reimagining gamified yield generation experience. Their business model creates a dynamic impact on user engagement through gamification in the personal finance landscape.”

The platform's go-to-market prize-linked deposit account will go live later this year, rewarding users with the chance to win $1M in USDC stablecoin every week, for holding funds as little as $25. 

**About Klink Finance**

Klink Finance is a London-based startup, operating at the intersection of finance- and blockchain technology. Klink implements methods of gamification that enable better and recurring financial habits of its users.