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December 19, 2023

Win Big with Klink’s '20 Days of Free Bitcoin': Up to $100,000 and More in Rewards!


Klink Finance invites you to join our exciting '20 Days of Free Bitcoin' campaign, a phenomenal opportunity to win substantial rewards, including a chance to earn up to a whopping $100,000! This campaign isn’t just about increasing our vibrant community; it's your doorway to earning significant Bitcoin rewards by engaging in fun and interactive quests.

How to Dive into the Action

To be part of this journey, and earn free Bitcoin, simply visit

Log in using your Twitter or Telegram account to start completing quests. It's that easy!

Linking Your Klink Account: Why It's Essential

Make sure to link your Klink account in your first quest. This step is crucial for tracking your earned tickets through a unique ID, ensuring all the tickets you earn are correctly distributed to you.

A Treasure Trove of Rewards

The campaign is bursting with earning potentials:

  • Earn Up to 1000 Bonus Tickets: These tickets are your key to Klink’s daily draws, where you can win up to $100,000 in Bitcoin.
  • Final Draw for Top Performers: After the 20-day campaign, the highest achievers will be entered into a final draw to win an extra $250 in Bitcoin, with winners selected through Chainlink VRF and rewarded directly in their Klink wallets.

Understanding Bonus Tickets

Bonus Tickets are your entry into Klink’s daily prize draw, offering the chance to win big. Each ticket holds the potential to match numbers in the draw and win you a share of the massive Bitcoin prizes. 

Remember, promo tickets, earned during the 20 Days of Free Bitcoin campaign, are valid for four exciting days after you redeem your promo code.

Campaign Mechanics: Stay Engaged, Stay Winning

The campaign unfolds over five phases, each lasting four days. As you complete tasks, your ticket balance on the Klink website grows. After each phase, you’ll receive a unique promo code in the Klink app to redeem your earned Bitcoin Tickets.

  • Quests: Your Path to Earnings

Quests range from community engagement tasks within the Klink app & social channels to spreading the word about our platform. Each quest is a step toward earning more tickets and increasing your chances to win. 

  • Track Your Progress and Prizes

All prizes, including the grand $100,000 Bitcoin reward, are displayed in the Klink app under "Draw" and "View Prizes." Keep an eye on the leaderboard to gauge your performance against fellow Klinkers.

Maximize Your Earnings

Remember, Klink offers multiple ways to earn:

  • Quests: Go to the "Earn Tickets" page located in settings to complete fun quests and surveys for unlimited Bitcoin tickets. 
  • Share to earn: Spread your unique referral link across social media and your network and earn for your friends actions!
  • Deposit to earn: Put your crypto to work and deposit them on Klink to earn 1 daily recurring ticket for each 25$ in token value held on the platform.

Calling All Influencers!

Interested in partnering with Klink? Contact us through the in-app chat or at

Questions? Klink Support is Here

For any inquiries, visit the FAQ section in the Klink app or use the "Feedback & Support" button for direct assistance.

Join the '20 Days of Free Bitcoin' campaign now and seize your chance to win big with Klink!

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