How we work

Would you like to win Bitcoin every single day?

Thought so! 

Bitcoin is launching on Klink and to celebrate we're putting 21 Million BTC Tickets up for grabs.

Klink Hodlers win Satoshi's every single day on our gamified investment platform and each ticket will give you an opportunity to win one of our daily prizes along with the jackpot of 3.3 BTC! 

Here's a quick primer on how to participate and start stacking those Satoshis! 

Explore the Available Contests

Familiarize yourself with the contests available to you. Each contest is an opportunity for you to earn BTC tickets. You'll find all the details about these contest including how many tickets the contest rewards. 

Tickets Rewarded Every Thursday

Each contest you complete earns you BTC tickets which will be added to your Klink account every Thursday. You can easily keep track of your ticket collection in your dashboard.

Login in to the Campaign

Start by signing up or logging into the campaign with your Twitter(X🤷),Telegram or Discord handle. This ensures we can properly track your progress and reward your efforts.

Engage with Quests

Begin participating in the contests that appeal to you the most. Remember, the more contest you complete, the more BTC tickets you can accumulate! Contests will be grouped into different categories and there will be also limited time ⚡️Flash Contests to earn even more tickets.

Win Daily Prizes

You can activate your tickets on the Klink app. With your collection of BTC tickets, you're automatically entered into Klink's daily draws. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning Bitcoin including the jackpot of $100k!! Ticket holders on Klink win Crypto every single day!