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June 9, 2023

Introducing Daily Draws for all Klink Savers

Derek Bates

Exciting news from the Klink team! We're taking your savings journey to the next level with significant updates to our platform.

We are radically focused on bringing you the best prize linked savings solution for your crypto. That led to the question - what's better than weekly payouts on your savings? Daily payout of course !

Daily Draws: More Opportunities to Win

Starting from June 11th at 14:00 GMT, Klink will transition from weekly to daily draws. This exciting change means you'll have daily chances to win. That's right. We will be paying out prize winners every single day in our next step towards revolutionising prize linked savings and bringing the best possible version of this proven saving mechanism right to your finger tips.

Big Rewards, More Often

Not only will you have more opportunities to win, but you can also look forward to the chance of winning up to a staggering $100,000 each day! All current ticket holders will be automatically transitioned into the daily no loss lottery and all new deposits will be rewarded tickets for the daily draw.

Diversifying Payout Options

We recognize the diverse preferences of our users when it comes to cryptocurrencies. That's why we're proud to offer payouts in several popular stablecoins, including USDC, USDT, and DAI. This allows you more control over your winnings and helps you manage your crypto portfolio your way.

Multi-Token Support: Coming Soon!

We're committed to keeping Klink on the cutting edge of crypto-savings. We're excited to announce that multi-token support is coming soon to Klink. This new feature will offer you an even broader selection of tokens for receiving payouts.

Simplicity and Convenience

Don't worry about how to participate in these daily draws. As an existing Klink user, your tickets will automatically be entered into the draw each day. We've made it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

At Klink, we believe that saving should be a thrilling journey. We're adding a new layer of excitement to your savings with these daily draws and diverse payout options.

Thank you for your continued support. We can't wait for you to experience these updates and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming daily draws!

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